5 Summer Road Trips Your Kids Will Love

5 Summer Road Trips Your Kids Will Love

One of the best things about RV travel is that it is fun for the entire family. You can take your spouse and your children out with you on the road, making it a family excursion. RV rental is one of the best ways for a family to have fun together for an extended period of time. Of course everyone loves a family vacation, and with an RV trip you can take the ultimate family vacation where you can see a wide range of territory since your vehicle will double as your home. There are a wide range of different types of trips that are great for kids, so if you’re planning a family trip with your children you should keep these in mind.


Not only does Florida feature great weather year round, but it’s great for children. There are a large number of activities and sights all across this state that the kids will really enjoy. First of all you have not one but two coasts in the state, one running along the Gulf and the other along the Atlantic Ocean. There are few family activities as pleasurable as a beach day, and in Florida you have far more beach day opportunities than any other state in the nation. You can even hit both coasts on your trip since the drive is only three hours across the state at most points. If you and your family are looking for some good old fashioned fun in the sun then look no further than Florida. Also don’t forget that Disney is located in the Orlando area, so on your drive between coasts make sure to stop in so your kids can have the time of their lives at this legendary theme park.


Florida isn’t the only state that offers beach days and Disney theme parks. California is easily one of the most famous states in the country for many reasons, including its temperate climate, unbelievable range of scenery, and its laid back but funky vibe. It’s also great for the kids. First of all you have Disney in Anaheim, one of the most legendary theme parks in the world. Also there are a wide range of beaches along the coast that will be perfect for some fun in the surf and sand with your family. All of southern California, from San Diego to Santa Barbara, runs along a stretch of golden coast that offers literally hundreds of beaches for your family enjoyment. If you take your RV rental on a Cali coast run, with a stop at Disney, of course, you will give your kids a trip they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

New Jersey Shore

A summertime road trip with the family can do wonders since it brings you together to share good times for days and days on end. If you’re looking for the perfect family getaway on the east coast, then get your family together and take a road trip that spans the Jersey Shore. There are a wide range of beach communities, from quant coastal towns to major party centers, that you can stop in for some beach time and fun. Take your kids on one of the many boardwalks, to the beach, and to any of the waterparks or theme parks along the way.

New York

The great thing about new York is its mix of urban environments and bucolic countryside. If you’re traveling with your family in this state you can stop in New York City to catch a play, see Times Square, have a nice dinner, or see any of the many hundreds of other attraction on offer in this famous city. Within just an hour you can be far outside the urban center and enjoy the forests and farmlands of Upstate New York. With this mix, your kids are sure to have a great time.


They say that Tennessee in the springtime is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and if you decide to take a family RV trip you will find out for yourself. The golden forests and fields are a joy to drive through, and there are a great many activities that your kids will certainly enjoy along the way. Tennessee has some of the best fishing in the country, so you can introduce your children to the tradition. There are also a great many lakes and swimming holes along the way, which will be great for a dip since the weather does get warm in the spring.

Taking an RV rental on the road with your family and children is one of the best activities to bring the fam together and share some great experiences you won’t soon forget. There are a great many trips throughout the country that are great for children, so plan a family trip as soon as you can.

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