5 Tips for Chartering a Private Jet Without Breaking the Bank

When most people think of private jet, they think of the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Most people think that chartering a private jet is something that they would never be able to afford – not in three or four lifetimes. However, chartering a private jet doesn’t need to be some far off dream – you could actually afford a private jet right now if you got a little creative and resourceful. Indeed, there are a number of ways to take a private jet flight without having to file for bankruptcy protection. Here are five tips for chartering a private jet without breaking the bank.

  1. Private Jet Last minute deals. The industry of private jetting has changed and because of the economy, there are a lot more empty seats. This means that more and more private jet chartering companies are finding themselves scrambling to fill seats last minute. In this case – if you search hard enough and keep your eyes peeled – you may be able to stumble on an incredible, last minute deal. Your best option is to keep your eye on social media and coupon sites – you may even want to sign up with a few insider newsletters.
  2. Split it with your friends. Just like you would split an expensive limo ride through your city for a birthday or special event, there is no reason why you couldn’t split the cost of a private jet ride. You may only be able to afford a one-way ticket, but it can be an experience nonetheless. All you have to do is find a private jet charter company, like AVJet Corporation, and inquire about rates. Then you have to get your friends to all sign up and pitch in – it’s that easy.
  3. Find an online brokerage service. When it comes down to it, most of us use a brokerage service to find cheap flights these days. A brokerage service is simply a website that allows you to type in your departure and destination locations and the website will use algorithms to search some of the major – and sometimes not so major – airlines to find the cheapest flight. If you want to charter a private jet, you want to search online for a similar service.
  4. Join a private jet club. If you fly around the world for business on a regular basis, it may be smart to join some kind of private jet chartering club. Basically, you pay a monthly or annual fee and you get to ride in a private jet a certain amount of times out of the month. This can be a great way to take advantage of the comfort and convenience of chartering a private jet – without the enormous costs.
  5. Ride along with a friend. If you know someone in the business or executive world, there is a good chance that they charter a private jet to get from one business meeting to another. If this is the case, all you have to do is ask if you can ride along during a certain flight. If this person is generous enough, you may not have to pay anything at all.

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