5 Tips for Planning a Romantic Weekend Getaway by the Sea

If you can’t remember the last time when you and your significant other were able to get some quality alone time together (other than when the two of you retire for the evening) and neither of you is able to take a long vacation for the next several months, how about planning a romantic getaway weekend? And not just anywhere. Plan one that’s by the sea.

Romantic Weekend Whether you decide to take a three-day cruise or book a hotel room or bed and breakfast by the beach, you and yours can find yourself feeling amazingly rejuvenated within a couple of days. All it takes is the right kind of planning and we’ve actually got five tips for preparing a weekend getaway by the sea below:

Plan ahead. Say that you want to take a cruise to the Dominican Republic or Mexico but your budget is pretty tight. The reality is that there are a lot of places that you can go without breaking your bank account. It’s all about planning ahead. For instance, there are many places that are as much as 40 percent off if you opt to go during their off-season (the time of year when most tourists do not travel to certain destinations). Our recommendation? Try and plan at least 3-4 months ahead of time or choose to go during the off-season in order to get the best rate.

Get a babysitter. If you happen to have children, although family vacations tend to be a lot of fun, this would not be the time to take them along with you. So whether it’s a family member, close friend or a babysitter that you are familiar with, have someone watch your kids. Remember, it’s only for a weekend and so they will be OK without you for a couple of days.

Pick a great room. If all goes well, you may get some sight-seeing done, but the reality is that a lot of your time will probably be spent inside of your room. So, you definitely want to choose one that has a king or queen-size bed, a nice-sized tub (preferably a Jacuzzi) and plenty of space to lounge around in. This is especially important to keep in mind when you’re booking a cruise because sometimes their rooms can be a bit cramped. So, if you’re using a travel agent, make sure they know that a nice room is a top priority. If you’re planning the trip out yourself, speak with a customer sales associate about the kind of room that you’re looking for.

Check to see what the amenities are. If you’re going to drive to a bed and breakfast in North Carolina or a beach result in California, something that you can do to make it extra romantic is to call ahead of time to see what kind of romantic amenities they might have. There are a lot of places that offer things like couples massages, roses petals in the tub and chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne that can be delivered directly to your room.

Pack something “special”. Say that you’ve booked a reservation at a place like Inns by the Sea. Although the view itself is automatically going to be pretty breathtaking, remember to pack something extra special. Put some pieces of romantic sleepwear in your luggage and consider including a card, handwritten note or even a gift too. That will be just one more way to make your romantic weekend a truly memorable occasion—for you both.

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