Don’t Panic! Tips for the Jittery Traveler

Travelling can be fun, especially if you are going somewhere exotic. However, there are quite a few nervous travelers who get stressed out and unnerved when it comes to traveling. This should not be the case as travel can be a pleasurable experience for you. There are a few ways you can overcome your travel phobia:

Do not hesitate to seek help: It is only natural to feel a bit keyed up when travelling, being in an unfamiliar place and not knowing anyone around (in some cases). If you are unsure about anything it is always wise to seek assistance. There are always people available who will guide you or help to resolve any queries for information. There is no harm in making enquiries, as it will help you to resolve any doubts you may have or fill in the gaps where your need information.  Many airlines are aware of nervous passengers. In fact, check out this story about US airlines using therapy dogs to help calm passengers!

Maintain your composure: Yes there are times when all of us feel stressed to the point that we think that we have completely lost it. When you feel that way, the best remedy is to take a deep breath and count for 3 seconds, then hold it for another 3 seconds. Practice this a few times; the benefit of doing this is that it regulates your breathing and helps you to calm down and regain your mental equilibrium above everything else. It helps you to take stock of things calmly.  Wikihow shows some great tips for calming your breathing.

Keep yourself occupied: The best stress buster when travelling is to keep occupied. Music is a great way to relax and soothe the nerves. It helps to distract the mind from stressful situations. Another good option is (for those who enjoy it) to pick up a book and read. It transports you to a different world and helps you to cast aside your worries!

Double-check everything:  Make sure you are organized and that you have all that you require for your trip. Ensure that you have all your necessary documents and travel papers etc. If your trip is for a long period of time it is always a good idea to check with your service provider for the best available phone deals. You could get a SIM card that offers the most economical tariff rates to call back home. Of course you could always use Skype to remain in touch with family and friends. Keep copies of your passport and visa handy and if you have kids keep a careful eye on them.

Follow your instincts: If your feel something is amiss, then there is no harm in going with your instinct. Of course that does not mean you panic every time you find a lone stranger walking down the street. Preferably avoid deserted areas and take the same precautions you would normally take back home in an unfamiliar part of town.

Travelling to a new place can be exciting and you could discover a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities. To enjoy the culture of a new city adopt the adage “When in Rome do as the Romans do”. Learn to be open to exploring all that is new and you will enjoy it. Have a blast!


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