Essential Things to Keep in Mind on Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

Essential Things to Keep in Mind on Your First Motorcycle Road Trip

There’s something about the adrenaline rush you get from riding a bike across state lines that just makes it the perfect vehicle for a long-distance road trip. Particularly when riding alone or with a group of friends, a motorcycle can be an awesome way to discover uncharted territory. As a rider, however, you should know that planning for this trip will require a few more elements than your average road trip in a car. If you want to have a safe, successful, and adventurous journey, here are some essential things to keep in mind.

Get Proper Insurance

As a motorcyclist, you’re already aware of the many dangers that can come with riding a bike for long distances. The likelihood of you getting into an accident are greatly increased. Though safe driving can help reduce your risks, you still need to be prepared in case the worst happens. You can shop motorcycle insurance rates online to find the best deal, however, make sure the policy will cover you, the bike, and any other damage that may be caused by an accident.

Take Care of the Bike

You should never just fill up the gas tank and travel long-distance on your bike without first having it serviced. You’ll be putting a lot of miles on the bike and the wear and tear from the road can result in you becoming stranded if you don’t play your cards right. Not only should fluids be changed, but you should have a bike mechanic to inspect the tires for damage, the brakes, as well as your lights and signals. If your bike isn’t up to par for a road trip, it may be safer to rent one and leave yours home.

Check the Weather

When you’re in the car, controlling the temperature and staying dry is fairly easy. On a bike, you don’t have those same luxuries. You’ll need to wear the right protective gear to stay dry and comfortable. Weather conditions can also change driving conditions so having up to date information on the weather along your route is imperative.

Pack Light

Unless you have a larger bike with compartments for storage, the only luggage you can have is what you can carry on your back. They have pretty sturdy backpacks you can invest in for your trip. You’ll need to get creative with your packing such as taking only one or two pairs of pants and a few shirts to mix and match for outfits, wearing flip-flops or flats that easily store in a bag, and packing travel size toiletries.

Plan to Stop

When you’re joyriding through the neighborhood it may seem like you could drive forever without stopping, however, when you’re on the road for miles at a time, you can get tired really quickly. Fatigue and motorcycle riding don’t tend to go hand and hand, so it is best that you plan stops throughout your trip. Stopping even for a few minutes allows you to stretch and take a break from the grueling road. You can choose destinations with popular tourist attractions rather than always pulling over at the nearest rest stop.

Taking a road trip on your motorcycle is an adventure you won’t soon forget. Whether you’re going to the beach like the Jersey shore or Miami Beach or you plan on enjoying your time exploring a big city like Las Vegas or New York, you’ll want to keep these essential tips in mind. They will ensure that your trip is not only amazing but that you get there and return without a hitch.

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