Five Places to Get Your Ski Fix in the UK

Five Places to Get Your Ski Fix in the UK

Let’s face it – ski holidays aren’t always the cheapest option. As much as I’d love to go skiing in France, Italy or even the USA twice a year, my wallet simply can’t take the hit. But just because I live in the UK doesn’t mean I can’t get a regular ski fix. Sure, we may not have the Alps on our doorstep, but there are plenty of places you can enjoy the slopes in the United Kingdom.

So if you can’t afford a foreign ski trip this winter, here are five places you can get your ski fix in the UK. So pull on your thermals, strap on those Oakley goggles and head to one of these fantastic locations:

– Scotland

Scotland is often overlooked as a ski destination, but it really shouldn’t be. With five resorts from Glenshee to Glencoe, Scotland has plenty to offer if you want real snow and some genuinely challenging runs. I would particularly recommend Cairngorm Mountain Resort, which features 35 runs (including 3 blacks) and 11 lifts.

– Manchester

If you can’t make it quite as far north as Scotland and you’re happy with some indoor skiing, head to the fantastic Chill Factore in Manchester. Home to the UK’s longest indoor slope, this fantastic 180m run uses man-made snow which is surprisingly realistic and not at all painful to land on (most of the time). As well as skiing and snowboarding, you can also try your hand at extreme sledging or airboarding, both of which are incredibly good fun.

– Nevis

Head to Britain’s highest peak and you’ll find the Nevis Range ski resort, which features scores of runs and several challenging off-piste black runs, all catered to by eleven lifts. It’s open all year round too, although in the summer you’ll find mountain biking and hiking on offer instead of the winter sports.

– Cumbria

I didn’t even realise there was a resort in the North Pennines until last year, and although it can be a little sporadic (as you might guess it’s very weather dependent), when it’s open the runs are great fun, and it boasts the longest drag lift in England at 600m. It’s a little bare in terms of facilities (no café for example, although they’ve just built a day lodge), it’s still worth the trip on good weather days.

– Snozone

Located in Milton Keynes, the indoor Snozone centre offers real snow, and has great teachers available for skiers and snowboarders of all ages. There’s also a Snozone in West Yorkshire, and that one features real snow too!

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