Food Ideas for The Perfect Camping Trip

Food Ideas for The Perfect Camping Trip

One of the greatest things about camping is you will save a lot of money making your own food. The downside is that you have to plan most of your meals ahead of time since you will at times be further away from grocery stores or restaurants. The good news is that whether you are grilling or looking for some recipes that don’t require cooking, there are many options! Here are some ideas to get you started so that you can plan the food you and your family will eat, making it the perfect camping trip.


Sandwiches can be great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A great breakfast sandwich could be as simple as making a peanut butter and banana sandwich. This will get you going for your day with protein, potassium, and carbs. You can also bring cold cuts with you, keeping them in a cooler or a refrigerator in your RV. Fresh tomatoes and cheese with mayo can also be a great refreshing choice.

Spice Up Your S’mores

Don’t forget the marshmallows on your camping trip! This is a recipe that can spice up the s’mores for the adults as it has marshmallows combined with Bailey’s Irish Cream. Once you have heated the marshmallow, dip it into your favorite flavor of Bailey’s and then add it to your chocolate graham cracker sandwich. Yum.

Pre-made Salads

If you like potato, egg, or bean salad, there are some great ideas that you can make ahead of time as long as you have a cool place to store them. These are easy to grab when you’re hungry and can be either a main meal or a snack. Potato or egg salad? Put it on a wrap or on some bread to make it a meal. Having hot dogs and hamburgers for your meal? Have some salad as a side.

Mac-N-Cheese with Mix-ins

Before your camping trip, cook some noodles and combine them with milk, butter, and melted cheese. Bring along some add-ins like already cooked bacon, broccoli, ham, or whatever else you might enjoy in your mac-n-cheese. Put them in small tin foil containers with a cover. When you are hungry, just put in the ingredients you want and heat them on the fire until they are nice and warm. Everyone can make their own just the way they like it!

Grilled Pizza

If you have a grill while you are camping, making pizza will be one of everyone’s favorite meals. It is another meal where everyone can have it the way they want it. You can bring with you already cooked dough that just needs a little sauce, cheese, and whatever else you like on your pizza. Heat it up on the grill and enjoy. The pizzas can be made as a personal size so that everyone gets the kind of pizza they like.


Kabobs are great because you can put them together ahead of time, or even cook them and store them. Anything can be added to a kabob. You can do a mixture of meat and veggies for meat-lovers or you can just put veggies on them for the vegetarian. You can also make cold kabobs of fruits, veggies, and cheeses. This is a great way to please everyone.

Planning your meals ahead of time before leaving for your camping trip is a sure way to make it the perfect trip. If you decide to camp in an RV, you will have the added bonus of a kitchen to use. Regardless, camping is a great way to spend more time with your family and less time preparing food. Your trip should also be relaxing, and not having to think about what to make for lunch or dinner each day will help you to enjoy!

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