Get to Know the Wild Side of South Africa with a South Africa Safari

If you want to experience Africa in an amazing way, you should go on a South Africa safari with a tour company called Encompass Africa because this company offers South African tours that will give you a better idea of what South African safaris are like. South Africa is a beautiful and historic nation in Africa filled with a rich history and plentiful natural resources, and if you have never visited South Africa, you are in for a treat. Here is information on South African safaris.

Wild Side of South Africa Best Itineraries in South Africa

Here are some of the most recommended South African itineraries from Encompass Africa. The Cape Kruger vacation, which is part of the South African tours, involves a tour of both South Africa and Mozambique while another tour would bring you to Cape Town and outlying areas where you would see a safari called the Platinum Triangle. The SA Grand Tour is a huge safari tour in South Africa that is a favorite among those who enjoy South Africa.

Check Out Wine Tours

Another great thing about a South African safari is that you do not have to stop with the wildlife and other natural resources. South Africa is also home to a booming wine industry and if you enjoy South African wine, you can go on a wine tour while on the safari. You can sample different new wines from South Africa and learn the history of the wine industry in South Africa.


South Africa is home to beautiful wildlife, an interesting history, great nightlife and some of the friendliest people you would ever meet. When you go on a tour sponsored by Encompass Africa, you will be able to enjoy all that South Africa has to offer.

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