Gone to the Beach

Gone to the Beach

It’s undeniable—Americans have a deep love for the beach. Regardless of which coast you prefer, there are destinations that people travel far and wide to just to curl their toes in the sand and breathe fresh ocean air. Do you have a favorite beach to go to? This infographic lists the top 10 most popular beaches in the U.S.; they include various places along the West & East Coast, as well as the Gulf of Mexico.

What’s that common phrase? “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” It’s time to get out and enjoy some sun. A surprising number of people (15 percent) didn’t use any of their vacation time last year. Only 25 percent of people used all of their designated PTO time. That means that the remaining 60 percent of workers used some vacation time.

Of the most popular times to head to the beach, it breaks down to three specific dates: Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. But whenever you do decide to go, it’s always great to just relax and enjoy some nice beach activities. Go for a nice walk, swim, or read…nothing feels better than running on beach time. Wherever and whenever you go, ADT monitoring will help keep your home safe.


Infographic URL: http://www.choosehomesecurity.com/summervacation

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