Our 5 Favourite Frugal Food Bloggers


Are you a foodie on a frugal budget? There’s no reason to be stuck on couscous and gravy granules. There are all sorts of fabulous ways to eat well for less and enjoy a taste of the good life, even when you’re living on a shoestring. To give you a little inspiration, we’ve put together a collection of our five favourite frugal food bloggers, offering delicious and unusual recipes you can make at home often for less than a fiver!

When the purse strings are tight, lenders like Wonga.com know how important cost-effective cuisine can be to penny pinchers. If you don’t have the funds for a fancy dinner at the latest gourmet hotspot, there’s nothing for it but to turn your dining table into a tasty destination all of it’s very own. These clever, cost-effective cooks will help you to do just that…

A Girl Called Jack
Jack Monroe is a journalist and mum of one who knows more than a bit about cooking on a budget. Her inspiring meals are all over the web at the moment, helping us hard-up folks to eat creatively for less. She doesn’t just deal in dinner either, Ms Monroe also offers tips and tricks for cheapo snacks and treats, from 20p apple crisps, to scrummy rosemary tea.

We particularly recommend her chickpea, mandarin, banana and tea curry (yes we know it sounds dreadful!). It is utterly scrummy and you can make it in 20 minutes with a can of chickpeas (33p) and tin of value mandarins (23p) 2 bananas (24p) and a cuppa! Perfect for warming you up on a chilly evening. If you want to maintain your figure we highly recommend NOT looking at her 65p apple-sultana pancake recipe…

Stone Soup
This is a beautiful blog, full of charm and musings from the mind of it’s owner. The goal? Fast, healthy and inspiring recipes which use less than five ingredients – ideal for budding chefs on a budget. With delights like “single girl salmon” (for those of us cooking for one) to big, budget-minded crowd pleasers like “Cousin Rosa’s ricotta pasta” there’s a frugal recipe to be found for everyone at Stone Soup.


The Skint Foodie
What the skint foodie lacks in real, bare-bones budget recipes, he more than makes up for in insight into spending on food. He makes some very good points indeed about what the supposed ‘national average’ food spend is and how we buy food in reality. Scroll down the spending page to see his yummy £40-a-week and £30-a-week recipe schedules which feature delights including lamb, tomato and olive stew. Scrummy and affordable!

Brokeass Gourmet
She may be a US blogger but she’s got plenty of thrifty recipe ideas which translate just as well over here across the pond. She’s especially good when it comes to adding a little South-of-the-border Mexican flavour, offering recipes for everything from sweet potato and black bean tacos ($12) to chiles rellenos with white beans and kale ($9).


In Praise of Leftovers
Another US blog, but a very inspiring read if you believe in the power of leftovers to minimise your weekly food spend! For thrifty foodies, being able to reuse leftovers and turn them into something new and delicious is the perfect way to squeeze the absolute most from your food budget. The Leftoverist is brilliant, turning last nights odds and ends into everything from egg noodles in soy broth to goat cheese and pistachio stuffed dates. If you have a sweet tooth, she’s particularly hot on cakes and puddings too…



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