The Hidden Charms of Hull

If you’ve been to the charming little town of Hull you know the captivating ambiance of its quaint streets and the peacefulness of the newly developed promenade along which you can take your morning run. If you’ve never been, it’s time that you take a weekend to go explore this newly named City of Culture to see what this once-bombed city offers you in the way of romance, historical locations, and dynamic pubs and clubs where you can dance the night away. From the greats like Phillip Larkin to musicians and actors who developed their creativity and love for the arts amongst its quiet neighbourhoods you too can find solitude and rediscover your own identity if you give the hidden charms of Hull a try.

A Connection to the Past

During the war, German bombers destroyed almost all of the homes in Hull which made it the most damaged city outside of London. This battered town fought its way back to develop community pride and inspiration for a multitude of artists who call Hull their home. From the development of the Humber Bridge, an engineering wonder that is symbolic of the fortitude of the people in this beleaguered township and their willingness to work their way back to being a successful town with a thriving economic future. When you respect your past and work hard in the present, your future is sure to be one in which you can take great pride.


Emerging from the Shadows

On a trip to Hull you can enjoy some of the most recent improvements in this city that has emerged successfully from the shadows into the spotlight of the world. You’ll want to take a stroll along the marina, enjoy the views from the promenade, and visit the aquarium which is an exceptional venue for your children to enjoy. You’ll still find some of the scars of war throughout the city but seeing how far the town has come is an inspiration to every visitor who spends time here.

The Treasures of the Future

With the celebrations coming for 2017, you’ll want to go explore Hull before the festivities begin. You’ll enjoy the shopping malls, wonderful coffee shops, and the independence of a people who have fought their way back to the limelight of success and great treasure. You must visit the website, enter the Paragon station, and meander down beside River Humber where you can get a feel for the personality of Hull. Go see a production at the Hull Truck Theatre and stop by the Hull New Theatre. You should take a visit to the Ferens gallery where you can enjoy the Victorian art and be sure to grab a local paper to find some local flavour of activities in which you must engage.

There’s a new breath of life in Hull and the celebration will soon begin in the new City of Culture; be the first to explore the hidden charms of this city before the crowds arrive to celebrate the triumph of good over evil in a town whose history etched a new confidence in her people.

Image courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons Stephen Horncastle

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