The Very Best of Italian Cuisine from Specific Regions


italian foodItaly is one of the most beautiful and romantic countries in Europe, maybe even the world! It is considered the birthplace of Western culture, and it is home to some of the most majestic historical monuments, which are reminiscent of the Roman culture. But besides the vestiges of the past, it is also home to the trendy fashion industry, delicious wines, luxurious sports cars and motorcycles, breathtaking natural wonders (the Alps, Apennines, and the Beautiful Country) and medieval cities.

If you ever travel to this country you should definitely check out Etruscan Italy, the Roman Ruins, Christian Italy, the Byzantine Cities, and the well-preserved Greek temples at Agrigento. Italy may not be a large country, but its beguiling charms, and the fact that some places look as if they were frozen in time, are more than enough to attract intrepid travelers to it. Another thing that you should definitely not miss is a chance to taste the typical Italian cuisine, accompanied by a home-made wine. Italy is teeming with passionate preservationists who wish to resurrect the old-school recipes that we all love, and because farmers are so prolific, every area if the country has its specific food. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting places for typical Italian food:

1.      Campania: is the perfect place for pasta, tomato and anchovies. Travelers usually bypass the charming town of Vico Equense, on the Sorrentine Peninsula. In it you can find a myriad of Campanian foodstuffs like handpicked tomatoes from the Vesuvian summer soil, smoked ricotta, or raw-cow’s-milk cheese. Further down the coast lie the maritime city of Cetara where you can eat anchovy to your heart’s contempt, fish with chestnuts and lemons, and other Campanian products.

2.      Piedmont: Are you a wine lover? Do you like Italian gelato? Go to Piedmont, the viticulturist mecca of Italy. The wines created here by local inhabitants such as Walter Massa (who also revived the indigenous white grape), are unlike no wine in the world. All the charms and flavors of Italy are trapped in the noble white Burgundian or traditional wines. Also, near Canale you can taste the local-seasonal smooth gelato, or farmer goat cheese.

3.      Tuscany: No food quest to Italy is possible without a quick visit to Tuscany, which is well known for its salami and cheese. These products probably became popular thanks to Paolo Parisi, the prince of salami and cheese from the time of the crusaders. While in Tuscany you should also visit the Fattoria Corzano e Paterno, a vision from an Italy-besotted fantasy, which was once the property of the Machiavelli family. Among the many food that is grown here you can also find eggs, raw nuggets of Cinta Senese guanciale, garlic, olive oil and parsley, and the traditional dishes include Piatto di Carbonara a Crudo and Prosciutto Cotto.

4.      Rome: is the home of Pizza and Pastries. If you are a dough lover, you should definitely visit the shop near the Sistine Chapel of yeast. There are no words to describe the sublime taste of veritable Italian pizzas, which come in all shapes, sizes and tastes. Some of them include ingredients like vanilla, dense-fleshed Abruzzo spuds, blood oranges or spicy coppa sausages.

5.      Emilia-Romagna: the beautiful plains of Emilia -Romagna are home to the infamous rosy prosciuttos, aceto balsamico and home-made pasta (made from eggy sfoglie). At the Emaglia Romagna you can also savor the musky-sweet petals of culatello, duck breast with raisins, smoked swordfish and Parmesan.

In conclusion, Italy certainly has its appeal. It is not only the perfect romantic getaway, but also a place where you can reconnect with the past, sip fragrant wines and enjoy some of the best dishes in the world.


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