Top 5 Family Friendly activities in Vegas

While there are obvious reasons why adults may love to escape to Las Vegas, many are unsure whether there are enough family events to bring the kids along for a family vacation. This may have been the case a while back, but today the city has become one of the most popular getaway destinations for adults and families alike. Here are the top 5 enjoyed family activities to try during your time in Las Vegas.

Family Friendly activities in VegasEldorado Mine & Ghost Town Adventure
Another favorite is the Eldorado Mine & Ghost Town Adventure which is just a short flight away from the strip. This is a great destination for the kids to run around and get some exercise as well as learn a little history about this old ghost town. Some choose to take advantage of the tours available while others prefer to venture out on their own and discover the territory as a family adventure.

Boat Cruise
If you’re looking to get away for the day from the hustle and bustle of Vegas and enjoy some beautiful nature landscapes, taking a boat cruise in the Grand Canyon is a must! Hiking and driving through the Grand Canyon can be treacherous and tiresome for the little ones. A boat ride however gives you a unique perspective of the canyon and is definitely an entertaining ride for the entire family.

Hoover Dam Tours
Hoover Dam is a magnificent site to see, chalk full with history for the adults and plenty out of the ordinary sites for the kids to take in. Whether you view the dam from above, below, or take a tour of the inside, we guarantee it’s an experience you’ll never forget!

Helicopter Air Tours
Both adults and children get excited about riding in a helicopter. This is one of those rare opportunities that you don’t typically come by and many never experience this kind of flight in their life. Flying around Las Vegas is a particularly pleasant experience because of all the options you have for landing and sights to see. From the glamorous city lights of the Vegas strip to the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam, you have plenty of options and excursions to take by air during your time in Vegas. Many Las Vegas helicopter tours give you the option of landing at a popular destination and getting a tour of the site. Whether by helicopter or small plane you’ll have a ton of options to satisfy the entire family.

Circus Circus

At the end of the day after touring some magnificent sites, there’s still time for your kids to play in the arcades, participate in some fair games, or ride a few roller coasters at the hotel Circus Circus in Las Vegas. If you’re visiting Vegas in the hopes of trying your hand at the table, this is a great time to let the kids play while you take turns with your babysitter or significant other in the casino. Never leave your children unattended, so make sure to plan ahead if you decide to visit!

Whether you take to the skies or soak in the sun on a boat cruise, Las Vegas offers a wide breadth of family-friendly activities. Its rich culture, stunning landscapes and history make it a great getaway. So ditch the crowded casinos of the strip and plan yourself a unique adventure!

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