Visiting a Friend Ideas for a Weekend Break

It’s hard when you have had a friend for years and years and they suddenly tell you they’re moving away.

Although nowadays it’s much easier to keep in touch, thanks to Skype and Facebook, it’s not the same as having a good natter on the sofa, or a night out dancing round your handbags.

If you lived somewhere very small, it wouldn’t be so bad, because you could get in the car, or jump on a bus or a train for a quick visit. But if you live in large country like Canada, the distance between one town and another can be huge, so quick visits aren’t always possible.

If you can save up to see each other maybe once a year, you could fly into one of Canada’s beautiful cities and spend the weekend catching up on the gossip, while exploring the sights.

  • Vancouver – A modern city with beautiful countryside and gorgeous beaches, Vancouver has everything. One weekend won’t be enough, but if you stay in the centre, you’ll get the buzz of the city and the tranquillity of the harbour.  If you prefer being beachside you can go whale watching or take a cruise.
  • Ottawa- Visit your country’s Capital City, experience its history and culture, or head off into the beautiful countryside on a canal boat.
  • Calgary – Visit the Zoo or, Fort Calgary and enjoy fine food in some of Calgary’s best eateries.
  • Toronto – Shop till you drop in Queens Street West and then rest your tired feet by spending the evening at one of Toronto’s fine theatres or cinemas.
  • Montreal-   A place of culture and a UNESCO awarded Design City. Visit the breath-taking St. Joseph’s Oratory, which is the largest church in Canada, have a delicious lunch in one of the cities restaurants and spend the evening at the Opera.
  • Quebec City – Take a river cruise and enjoy the Quebec’s beautiful scenery. Or, take a city Helicopter tour. If you prefer to be on terra firma, treat yourself to some hand- made chocolates from The Chocolate Shop in the L’lle d’Orleans area of the city.

All these cities have a range of hotels to suit any budget, you can choose a spa hotel and take advantage of some of the relaxing treatments on offer, or you can look for cheaper accommodation in a smaller hotel or a hostel. If you’re unlucky enough to lose your wallet or encounter some other difficulty when abroad leaving you in need of fast cash then go online and visit the Pay Day Loan site Wonga.  The application is quick and easy, there are no phone calls or face to face interviews and if you are approved the money can be in your bank within 15 minutes.  That leaves you free to enjoy a perfect weekend away.


If you’re not keen on flying and you are close enough to a city, You can travel by train or if it’s only a couple of hours away you can take the car. All Canada’s major cities are served by good public transport links!

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