What To Pack For An Outdoor Holiday Break

What To Pack For An Outdoor Holiday Break

Outdoor holiday breaks are becoming increasingly common, with lots of people being keen to improve their fitness and enjoy the great outdoors. Walking and camping break in the UK are especially popular- with hiking trips known are one of the UK’s most popular outdoor pursuits.

Millions are partaking in this wayfaring pastime each year, whether it be a camping trip at the foot of Mount Snowdon, or a walking trip staying in a caravan nestled by Lake Windermere.

Whether setting out on an intrepid walking break is on your to do-list this year, or you’re looking more for a trip with a combination of water sports, hiking or sight-seeing, you’re in luck. The UK is bursting with places perfect for this.

If you like the sound of a walking and outdoors focused holiday break, but aren’t sure what kit you’ll need to enjoy doing it, then make sure you read on. We’ve put a guide together on what to pack for a UK outdoors themed holiday, including all those things that are easy to forget.


No matter where you plan to head off to for a walking trip, no matter its location, you should never be tempted to head off for a UK outdoors trip without some trustee waterproofs in tow. The keyl waterproofs you should pack include a jacket and trousers, both of which should be carried with you even during the summer months.

Make sure that any outdoor jacket you bring comes with a hood – you never know when the heavens may open and carrying an umbrella isn’t always practical!

Power Access

If you’re planning on going away for a camping or caravan trip, and you’ll be there for a good few nights, make sure you have sufficient access to power. If you’re lucky enough to have a few days of good old British sunshine, it’s nice to get the music pumping and a range of cooking equipment all fired up and ready to go.

Generators are handy to have for these types of trips, especially if there are a lot of you and you’re planning on staying more than a couple of nights. Check out the range of generators for sale to see which one suits your type of trip.

Walking Boots

Trainers just aren’t going to cut it – especially if you have your sights set on a mountain! The most important piece of kit you’ll need to enjoy a great outdoors or walking break is a decent pair of boots. By investing in a quality pair, and you’ll be rewarded with a much easier walk and years of pain-free walking ahead. Plus, you have no idea how much your feet will thank you for it later!

If you don’t plan to do a lot of off-road hiking, trainers can be a better choice for those who wish to do grassland strolls, or forest walks. They are much more breathable and weigh a lot less for those more relaxed walks.

Clothing Layers

There is nothing more important – especially if camping or heading off into caravans or hostels – that keeping your core warm. Outdoors themed trips include being out in the sticks, and who knows what can happen when visibility gets much lower, or you somehow lose your way and temperatures can drop.

Start your walking attire with a good quality, skin fitting base layer. A long sleeve thermal base layer is a great choice, and in the Summer months, switch it up to a short sleeve synthetic base layer to help you stay cool and dry.


Hats, gloves and socks are essential items to pack, no matter what activities you plan to cover off on your outdoor trip. There is nothing worse that having numb fingers and throbbing ears, especially when you’re miles from the nearest source of heat. Keep a pair of thermal lined gloves with you, especially for any hiking. If it’s warm, and you’re pretty sure the weather isn’t going to dip, make sure you switch up the wooly hat for a sun hat instead!

And no matter the weather, a pair of high quality hiking socks are a key item. They’ll keep your toes warm and keep any moisture away. But the most important thing is that they also provide extra cushioning for your walking boots, which always tend to be extra roomy and need padding out a little.

First Aid Kit

Whether it be walking, canoeing, white water rafting or even just having a leisurely stroll, remember that accidents can happen. That’s why it’s important to carry a first aid kit wherever you go – accident can even happen at the campsite or in your accommodation. From migraines and grazed knees to cuts and blisters, always have a full kit to hand.

Walking Equipment

More for the ones heading off on a hike or mountain climb trip, walking poles come in handy. They can bring so much relief to those who get tired easily, or have joint problems and may need extra support.

A good quality pair of walking poles can help you to walk faster and increase your overall speed. Secondly, they’re great for providing extra stability. They let you rest your body weight onto them when you feel like you need to support your weight mid-walk.

No matter where you’re planning on heading off to, remember the essentials and pack with care. That way, you’re in for a safe but fun trip!

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